How to creatively destroy pesky, non-moneymaking community efforts


Many people in Portland are involved in technology start-ups or other potential money making opportunities. One problem PDXers face is that their sense of community involvement often forces them to partake in non-moneymaking side projects that distract them from the steps necessary to build a billion dollar corporation capable of properly achieving world domination. Using my wealth of experiences with efforts such as SPARK, and Engage The Gorge, I will present some creative ways in which I have catastrophically destroyed community-based efforts. Learning from my successes, you will finally be able to ditch that pesky time sink and focus your full attention on your plans for world domination.

John Metta


Scientist, programmer, and a digger of all things tech. Catastrophic failure at starting companies, unfortunately good at building community efforts. Nestled snugly in the Columbia River Gorge