Beards and the power of Awesome


Honestly, I don’t know how this one will shape up. I’ve opened a can of worms and now I’ve just got to pick one. The thing is, I was born in Louisville (where, as evidenced tonight, beards are in) and lived all around the world. But Portland seems to have embraced the beard far better than I’ve ever imagined.

Beardliness is awesomeness. And I wear my awesomeness on my face every day.

Michael Buchino

Affiliation Beard Revue

Michael Buchino runs Beard Revue, a web logbook committed to the review, commentary & discussion for the beard enthusiast. Besides beardcraft, his passions include graphic design, music commonly associated with a hipsters, indoor soccer, Granadian shawarma and the University of Louisville men’s basketball program among other things.

He is a recently ordained Reverend of the Universal Life Church Monastery and happily resides in Little Beirut.