Monitor and Save Energy with Linux


Have you ever wondered just how much energy your computer drinks out of the mains? Wanted to squeeze just a bit more life out of your laptop’s battery? Or perhaps you’re just stingy like I am and want to spend as little money to run the computer as is possible?

If so, this talk is for you. I will present some simple tricks that one can use inside Linux to reduce the amount of energy that a computer consumes— moving tasks onto a single core, decreasing the amount of disk I/O, etc. I will also demonstrates some techniques to monitor the energy consumption patterns of a computer.

Darrick Wong


Darrick is a software engineer in the Linux Technology Center at IBM in Beaverton, Oregon. Currently, he is working with the server designers and the performance analysis teams to create tools to monitor and control energy consumption in Linux, and to analyze the power use of various software workloads.

In the past, he has worked on a diverse array of subject areas such as Serial Attached SCSI Drivers, environmental sensor controls, and automated deployment and testing software.