Starting a company these days - A crazy idea, or not?


Credit is somewhere between difficult and non-existent. The stock market is erratic (and way down). Unemployment is increasing. Layoffs are even touching the Portland tech market. The only thing economists disagree about is how deep the recession will be – not whether there will be one. The Bush administration is aggressively intervening (perhaps the scariest factor of all). Internationally we’ve seen runs on banks, and even runs on grocery stores (Iceland). Angel investors are watching their investment portfolios shrink in value. Venture capitalists are taking a “batten the hatches” view (when they tell their portfolio companies “don’t panic”, you know it’s time to panic). We could be looking at a global financial meltdown.

And it could be a very good time to start a company. I’d like to spend 5 minutes arguing why.

Steve Morris

Affiliation OTBC;

Serial entrepreneur. Startup coach. Executive Director at OTBC. Side project addict (including and Eternal (somewhat realistic) optimist. Reedie. Former DJ. W7HA (ham, not bacon). And one of those rare native Oregonians from the East (it is a semi-arid state you know – Let ’r buck.)