Spirituality in Community: It's not just for religion anymore


Spirituality is a fundamental part of everything we, as humans, do. Given how much of ourselves we invest in our work lives, it’s no surprise that we derive great spiritual satisfaction and disappointment from our work and the relationships in our workplace. Yet this is an area that we rarely think about consciously when choosing a job or work situation.

In five minutes, I’ll point out ways of thinking about spiritual satisfaction that will allow us to apply them to our work lives, and how to maximize the spiritual satisfaction we derive in the course of our workdays. This includes such things as finding meaning in our work, finding meaning in the relationships in the workplace, and appreciating the challenges which face us both as part of the job and as barriers to getting our jobs done.

David Kominsky

Affiliation CubeSpace
Website http://rabbidavidkominsky.wordpress.com/

David Kominsky is a rabbi and entrepreneur. He is half of the team behind CubeSpace, as well as having spent time as a congregational rabbi and working with individuals and couples on a more freelance basis.