Stop The Rampant Genocide of Brain Cells Via PowerPoint Presentations



It doesn’t seem like a menacing word, yet on a daily basis, every one of us is under constant risk of LOSING VALUABLE BRAIN CELLS because of the lame, boring, meaningless PowerPoint presentations notably disrupting our professional lives.

Let’s face it: if PowerPoint is the fabric of our professional lives, frankly, we are ALL wearing unflattering spandex unitards.


Yeah— that’s awkward. Something has to change.

So let’s raise the bar. Let’s learn together about secret hacks and tips to use PowerPoint as it was always meant to be used:

“To communicate and reinforce meaningful statements about things that actually matter.”

Then we can take that knowledge and empower our co-workers, employees, and everyone we meet everywhere, to STOP killing off brain cells at company meetings.

The mass genocide of brain cells by PowerPoint is unacceptable, and must end on June 18th. We can make a difference.

Carolynn Duncan

Affiliation FundingUniverse

Carolynn Duncan has seen, heard, and created way too many PowerPoint presentations in her work with entrepreneurs raising capital.

In fact, she herself has been guilty of creating a boring PowerPoint presentation on more than one occasion, but thankfully, that’s all in the past now.

Now she has a mission: to stop the city of Portland— and thus, the world— from continuing the genocide of brain cells by mind-rotting, meaningless, ineffective, boring, rambling (you get the point!) PowerPoint presentations.