Juice Up any Conversation or Presentation with 5 Impressive-Sounding Theories that Apply to EVERYTHING


When I was a young teaching assistant struggling to wrangle a roomful of Composition 101 college freshmen, another TA confided a precious secret: “Students love that Greek shit.” What he meant was that having theories about writing, rhetoric, or anything else that contained the wisdom of ancient Greece would give me automatic gravitas, and students would right it down and remember it. I’ve since learned to apply the “Greek shit” theory to the business world and to weave in simple theories, borrowed wholesale and with sketchy attribution, from science, philosophy, sociology, beekeeping, etc to make presentations more memorable. Now these secrets can be yours! In 5 minutes you’ll have all-encompassing theories that are compelling and unassailable in any setting: dinner with the in-laws, snooty cocktail parties, and yes, business presentations.

Eric Anderson

Affiliation dabbler, unsettler, postmodernist, bourbon-drinker, cynic
Website http://www.unsettler.com/

Eric currently heads up the emerging media practice for the digital agency White Horse, where he has hung his hat for the last 9 years. Prior to that, he had a long sojourn in academics, where he honed his skills in making himself appear smarter than he is through elaborate, borrowed theories delivered in an earnest Midwestern manner. When not perpetrating this fraud, he collects postmodern literature, fly-fishes, and drinks bourbon.