How to be an eBay Ninja


As a self-confessed shoe addict and bargain hunter, Amy is an expert in the ways of eBay. You may not share her affinity for Fluevogs, but her techniques apply across all categories. Electronics, apparel, collectibles and more can all be had for a song if you know the secrets. Learn how to search, stalk and snipe your way to winning the items you covet.

Amy Matteson


As a User Experience Designer for Pinpoint Logic, Amy Matteson uses her neurons to make the web a friendlier place. She’s left breadcrumb trails throughout Michigan, Illinois, Oregon, New York, and even scattered a few in Germany and Brazil. Dressed in complementary yet often contrary pattern combinations, Amy spends time with local Burning Man denizens, maxes her holds on library books, hikes the Northwest with a Digital SLR, wins Fluevog shoes on eBay, and travels anywhere that might give her a new perspective.