How To Make People Think You’re A Portlander—Without Actually Living in the State of Oregon


Are the borders of Portland safe from the threat of infiltrating non-residents?

My friends, it is not.

I will show you that with only a few extra days a month, you can make an entire city— hell, state— think you actually live within its borders, when in fact, you live in another state entirely.

(Just to be clear, I’m not talking about commuting from Vancouver, WA.)

Find out how nonresidents infiltrate the city of Portland. Then tell all your cool out-of-state friends, so they can experience the awesomeness that is PDX.

Carolynn Duncan

Affiliation CoffeeWithAnExpert/HundredDollarBusiness

I first stepped foot in Portland in April 2008… before that, life had little or no meaning. ;)