Divided we win: 5 reasons why Fox News is saving our media and democracy


The argument that our fractured and politicized media harms our democracy is wrong.

Newspapers are failing and hyper-partisan media sources are on the rise. But as much as Fox News, to name one example, distorts facts and turns misinformation into theater, it’s playing a positive roll in the reinvention of American media. There are five reasons — ranging from how the partisan media has created a market for objectivity, to the benefits of politics as entertainment — why Fox News is a good thing.

Saying “Fox is good” is a heretical argument in Portland. But in five minutes, I’m going to explain why the rise of Fox and its friends was historically destined, and why that cable network is turning you into a better citizen.

Abraham Hyatt

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I’m a guy who like media and politics, and if I was ever caught in a compromising position with both of them at the same time, well, I’d probably ask for copies of the photos. I work as the managing editor at Oregon Business magazine. My background before moving to Portland in 2006 was at daily and alt-weekly newspapers, and before that at every profession from bartender to road construction worker.