ADD in the Workplace: Harnessing Chaotic Creativity


We’ve all had the experience at some point in our career… working for or with someone that clearly didn’t leave ADHD behind them in grade school. Whether it’s saving everything to the last minute, stoking the fires of chaos just to keep things “exciting”, or generally having issues with their mouth filter not working correctly… it can be challenging to work with someone who gets distracted from a conversation when you scratch your ear.

But ADHD is really a creative force that can be harnessed to work for the powers of good! In five minutes we’ll cover 5 observational diagnostic methods for identifying ADD peers, 5 ways to coach ADD types to channel their energy productively, and 5 good one-liners for reminding the ADD types in your life that structure can aid creativity rather than stifle it. At five minutes, even the ADDers themselves may learn something!

Sarah Nelson

Affiliation information designer, content strategist, technical translator (geek to layman and vice versa)

Sarah Nelson is a web technology geek specializing in marketing, information architecture, and content strategy. By her estimate, the internet industry attracts more ADD folks than the average industry, due to its entrepreneurial bend and high rate of change. In her career she’s encountered many bosses, more of them with ADHD than not. As such, her management and coping skills in this area exceed the norm.