Cooking with the Seasons: The Garanimals Method


With all the talk of late about urban farming, preserving the bounty and living off the grid, the average American eater—dependent on the boxed, the (industrial) canned and the microwavable—can be intimidated by the prospect of cooking with fresh, local ingredients. When you can easily get imported tomatoes in February and apples in June, who knows what’s fresh and in season when? And who’s got time to figure it out? The beauty of eating seasonally is that most of the confusion about what-goes-with-what-and-when vanishes and you find that healthful, delicious dishes—whole meals!—are just as easy to put together as mac-n-cheese and frozen burritos. Well, almost as easy. ;)

Katherine Gray

Affiliation web user advocate, content strategist, coworker, jam-maker and well-intentioned food blogger

Katherine Gray is a web content strategist and mama to two little girls who, up until about 2 years ago, was afraid to grow actual food in her garden because she thought she’d feel too guilty if it all died when she forgot to water it (a veritable certainty). Encouraged by some brave little tomatoes, some very slutty arugula and (probably undeserved) praise from her husband, Katherine occasionally posts about local food and families at her blog, Dirt to Dish. Then she feels really guilty when people stop her in New Seasons and ask her when she’s going to update it again.