Portland Tweeples Is Your New Bicycle


Last week, both my bike and bag (with a laptop inside) were stolen two days apart from each other.

About eight hours after it happened, John Metta and Amber Case secretly established a bike fund, impromptu and organized entirely via DM by Amber—after which many Portland Tweeple contributed a lot over the period of 4 days.

Of course I had no idea about this. What I knew was that Twitter flooded with kind words, and I already felt lucky to have supportive folks behind my back—until they all surprised me last Friday with an actual fund to purchase a new bike.

I want to pay them back—by telling my (usually typical theft) story to demonstrate the real power of social media. What I’ve found is that Portland’s twitter community is not only intelligent and dynamic, but also supportive and caring.

And you can be a part of it.

I’ll show you things around town that you can do to contribute, projects that you can help at, meetups you can join, coworking sessions you can attend, and conversations you can participate in. If you’re from out of town, maybe I can even inspire you to find and pioneer a community like this.

Join me for the ride, won’t you?

Bram Pitoyo

Website http://linkenfuego.wordpress.com/

Up until about 2 years ago, Bram Pitoyo had not considered ‘riding roller coasters’ to make a living too great of an idea. This all changed when Wild Alchemy, an account planning agency, inspired him to play in increasingly challenging ponds with likeminded, inspiring people.

Now he seeks new adventures.