Novelty Urinal Cakes Are Going to Make Us a Fortune! Or, How You Should Invest Your Venture Capital Dollars In This New Economy


In our hyper-branded society, every business in America is missing out on a tremendous opportunity to build brand awareness and create a culture around their product and/or service. The answer is: the novelty urinal cake.

Every gay-bar in this nation should have a pink triangle urinal cake, or perhaps a phallus. Every biker bar: a Harley logo. Every organization that supports progressive issues should be peeing on Sarah Palin. Just imagine: relieving yourself on Karl Rove. What an opportunity.

I will discuss how to overcome the initial fear of a limited target market (it’s not just men and men’s rooms anymore!), and show how this uncharted market is the best missed-opportunity out there.

Josh Collins


Josh is, among other things: a communications professional; a parent of three kids (twins and singleton); a daddy blogger; a graduate student; an aficionado of film, music, books and comics; and an advocate of public transit. He and his family moved from Minneapolis to the Pacific Northwest in 2006. He is on twitter at