What! you mean we had $700B all along


What, SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS! – $700 Billion – Seven Hundred Thousand Million Dollars? I didn’t know we had $700 Billion. Now you tell me. Well if I knew we had $700 Billion, I would have come up with something really really good to do with it.

This humorous talk will look at:
How big is $700B
Bills reaching 350 times from the earth to the moon, around earth 6300 times
Wrap every meal on the planet in Bacon for a year
How we pay for it
$5,600 each now
30 years of 20% inflation (same as Europe after WWII)
What we could have done with it like:
70 thousand miles of light rail
Solar panels on every roof
Buy every drinking age person in the US a MacTarnahans every day for life
A Lap Dance a week for life
Free college for every current high schooler
Or many other very cool and useful things

Christopher Logan


I am a Portland resident, a high tech executive, a father of two high school students. I am starting a company while making my own compost, growing my own tomatoes and skiing as many days as possible. Like most Portlanders, I am not sure how I can fit in the equivalent of 5 extra weeks of work to pay my share of the bailout.