Sex is Not A Four Letter Word


Increasingly our society mandates that everything be ‘Family Friendly’, but families are made through the very acts people no longer can or are willing to talk about. Why is it the top search terms online are always about sex but people have a very difficult time actually talking to each other about it? Why is people get banned from social networks or get their words sensored on places like Ustream for talking about sex?

With all the communication going on, why aren’t people talking to each other about Sex? Is there a universe beyond Dr. Ruth? And would someone really stand up in front of a crowd full of people and talk for five minutes about this without offending everyone?

Geoff Kleinman


After connecting to the Internet for the first time in 1988, Geoff Kleinman has lived his life in, around and on the net. From launch one of the Internet’s early online newsletters (The Kleinman Report) to Publishing a major online movie magazine (DVD Talk), Geoff has watched the net go from boom to bust to boom again. Geoff currently contributes to Our PDX, Portland Metblogs and Neighborhood Notes.