Dating Rules for the Actual World


I wasn’t eager to give up on the youthful naivete of my 20s, but at some point, man, you sure grow out of it. This 5 minute talk is the sum total of what I now know about dating, learned through a wisdom born from consistently questionable decision-making skills.

Rule One: There Are No Rules. All hail moral relativism.*

*A caveat: I am unable to promise that these rules work, but I will honestly share them anyway.

Alexis Rehrmann

Affiliation Portland Monthly Magazine

I moved to Portland this spring, after 14 years in New York City, where I trained in the theater, and eventually worked as a writer. Now, am the web editor at Portland Monthly Magazine. In my employer’s defense, this talk has absolutely nothing to do with them. In my spare time, I date, and then come home and write down all the funny bits.