a case for cooking food


hungry? aren’t we all? americans are starving, and it’s certainly not for the lack of food. no, it’s for the lack of knowledge, simplicity, and love in our food. we’re at once the most overweight and nutrition-deprived people, ever, and i’m not the only one who’s narrowed down the cause to our habit of letting others (most especially corporations, who may not have our best interests at heart) feed us.

take back your dinner! and your breakfast, and your lunch, your midnight snacks, your peach pie, your buttermilk biscuits. take back your tomato relish, your mushroom frittata, your eggplant garlic dip. take back cranberry sauce.

take it back, discover taste again, regain your connection with what you put in your body. it’s not as hard as you think. and it just might make you cry, laugh, dance, fall in love.

cook your food.

sarah gilbert

Affiliation writer of things, locavore, chicken keeper, and mama of boys
Website http://www.cafemama.com/

sarah is a woman cursed with many passions, ranging from the highly geeky (she has a thing for spreadsheets) to the downright zany (keeping chickens of course!). she doesn’t drive, instead biking and busing around portland, often with her three very dirty but nonetheless adorable little boys in tow. she prefers shopping for greens and cheeses at the farmer’s market to a trip to costco. she recently left her job, which required far too much time away from the kitchen and the garden, and she is in the process of teaching her boys to harvest flower seeds, knit, and enjoy a good minute or two of occasional silence. if it’s late at night, chances are she’s futzing around on twitter or writing something entirely too revealing.