7 One-Night Stands with a Baseball fan


Portland is a wonderful city, full of fabulous restaurants, a park every so blocks, and people who do acrobatics on stilts on Alberta. You can say we don’t lack for much. And with a failing economy, who would dare utter a complaint about the lack of a Major League baseball team in their fine city?

But before you answer that question, become a voyeur on 7 one-night stands with a baseball fan. Understand what it means to have victory snatched from your grasp by an over-eager fan or to watch conventional wisdom challenged by a team that wasn’t supposed to win or to get to know your dad better because of the game.

Maybe Portland needs more things than a Major League baseball team and maybe this fan’s love for baseball is stronger because we don’t have one. Regardless, there’s just nothing like sitting in Wrigley or Fenway or even Safeco. Don’t believe me? Let me take you out to the ballgame.

Nova Newcomer

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Nova Newcomer is a native Portlander who has suffered through the anemic life of a baseball fan in her beloved hometown. When she’s not dreaming of a World Series for her favorite team(s), she is gobbling up as much political news as she can get her hands on. A new mom and a communication consultant, Nova juggles speaking at conferences with wonderful non-sensical conversations with her infant son. She is also married to Peat Bakke…yes, that Peat.