Banking 2.0: Power to the People's Bank


Over the last few months we’ve seen the biggest meltdown in banking and finance. Deregulation, lack of oversight, corporate greed and hippies (or commies?!) all could be the cause of this but who cares? How could we do it better? What if we applied some of the social successes from the Web 2.0 world to banking? Could we do it better? This talk will be a discussion of the current banking mess (complete with numbers! big, big numbers!) as well as a collation of Twitter discussions on the matter. Power to the people!! Let’s start Oregon First National bank! :-)

Scott Kveton


Scott Kveton is a digital identity promoter and open source advocate. Scott has worked at Amazon, and JanRain as well as founded the Open Source Lab at Oregon State University. Working closely with projects like Mozilla, Linux, Drupal and Apache led Scott down the identity path and to JanRain in mid-2006 and currently works at Vidoop in sunny Portland!. Scott was named to Red Herring’s list of ‘25 Titans in waiting’ in early 2007. Scott speaks publicly about identity and open source, is an avid gardener and is also Internet-ordained performing weddings for family and friends.