Email Ain't Dead...and it doesn't have to Kill You


There’s a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about the death of email, referencing the communication channel as a relic that suffers at the hands of everything from Facebook to Twitter.

Unfortunately, professionally speaking, this just isn’t true. Email is still a vehicle that logs a lot of miles for things of a formal nature. It’s still a fast, effective way to communicate important data. And, more importantly, it’s still the vehicle of choice for the majority of digital communicators — only a small fraction (relatively speaking) of whom are truly comfortable with faster, more agile methods of Web 2.0 communication. Besides that, it’s difficult to find a shiny new Web application that doesn’t ask for an email address as part of its sign up process.

None of this is to say that email hasn’t had a couple of buck shots fired into its hind end. Truthfuly, it’s a bit of a mess — a rat race that claims valuable hours of the workday and adds two years of life-sucking stress for every year it’s suffered through.

But dead?


jason gallic


For the past 5 years I’ve been co-authoring bad hip-hop songs with Himylayan Sherpas. Seriously, we created more hits than Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky 6 body double. Actually, I’ve been working as a marketer and start up junkie for the past few years. I’m currently a Product Marketing Manager at Palo Alto Software in Eugene. I have an 8-week old son and I put my feet up on the desk at work — a lot.