The remarkable story of an X-rated plant


As an avid gardener, several years ago I planted several kinds of amaranths in my front yard. They cross-pollinated and created a brand new kind of plant the world has never seen before. The flowers are bright purple stalks that look exactly like ginormous erect penises. With attached testicles. I am not making this up. People make pilgrimages to our parking strip every summer to observe this miracle of nature. Gay men show up with landscape cameras and spend hours taking portraits. I have documented this phenomenon, and it’s about time to release it into the wild. One more thing: I will bring seeds audience members can take away to make their own parking strip x-rated.

Marie Deatherage


Director of Communication & Learning at a private philanthropic foundation by day. Lots of other stuff in off hours, including volunteering for Free Geek, documentary filmmaking, writing, and Gardening with a capital G.