How to Get your Dog to Stop Doing That


Every dog, no matter how saintly or adorable, has a bad habit. Whether they have a penchant for chewing expensive stuff or an insatiable desire to poop inside, you can use your intuition to get them to stop.

In 20 slides and 5 minutes, I’ll show you how to tune into your intuition, and get your dog to stop doing that. It also works for cats, horses, pretty much any animal (even sometimes humans).

Bridget Pilloud


A few years ago, Bridget Pilloud adopted a horse. Then she realized that she could understand what it was thinking. Then she tried using her intuitive skills on some other animals. Now, hundreds of animals later, Bridget works with animals and their owners to improve communication, resolve issues, and generally just make things better. She also teaches people how to talk with their pets.
When not talking with pets, Bridget is a freelance copywriter and graphic designer. She blogs at