Motherhood and Sustainable Art


I’ve always been an artist. My passion to create is insatiable. I frequently
move between different mediums: painting, textiles, photography,
illustration, jewelry. I also explore the realms of nature and the way it
finds form in the world. Sustainable fine art is my latest passion.

The only time I didn’t feel the drive to make something with my hands was

when I was pregnant with my children. All my creative juices were going into
making those two gorgeous art projects.

Sometimes I yearn to be in my studio but the small people in my life yearn
for me more. Many times I have to switch gears and give up studio time. At
first it was really frustrating. But, the artist took over the grouch. I
realized I’m an alchemist and an innovator. Surely, I can do something that
satisfies my need as an artist and their need as my child.

This past summer was particularly challenging as Anie wasn’t happy to just
toddle at my side. I was engaged in exploring sustainable fine art and
wanted time and space to experiment. Interestingly, when I allowed her to
join me, we made amazing art together like:

The Plant People Come To Tea -

Blackberry Paint –

Setting a Fairy Table -

I’ll present our summer projects, exploring sustainable art during the
winter months and how our explorations have inspired me to develop a food
grade, artist quality paint from the verdant flora that grows in Portland.

Rebecca Shapiro


Rebecca Shapiro is an artist and entrepreneur. She is currently President &
CEO of Pig and Panda, Inc. a corporation specializing in the creative arts.
She is the founder of gallery verno, an online sustainable fine art gallery.
She is also the mother of two exuberant and precocious children, Tobiahs and