Ignite Portland 9 proposals

We are not accepting proposals at this time.

Ignite Portland 9 will take place on September 23, 2010, at the Bagdad Theater. Visit Ignite Portland for more information about the event.

If you had five minutes to talk to Portland what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Launch a web site? Teach a hack? Talk about recent learnings, successes, failures? We are looking for talks that will inspire and teach, not recruiting or product pitches.

Submitted Speaker and title


Sarah Nelson — Strine: A Language, a Lifestyle, a Philosophy from Down Under

Sarah Nelson — How to Give Birth Underwater

Evelyn Varga — Samus: Legend of the Girl Gamer

Colleen Wainwright — Getting truth from here to there: a five-minute crash course in acting

Erin Jo Richey — Brain-Computer Interfaces and the Coming Wave of Mental Telepathy


Nancy Wirsig McClure — You Won't Find Inches in Cyberspace

Eva Schweber — Electile Dysfunction: Bringing robust democracy to the masses.

Tony Deis — Bad Ass Factor: Tracking, Survival and Stealth

Tony Deis — The Ideal Village

Curtis C. Chen — Travels WithOUT Our Cats or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love FoodCam

Alison Greco — How to stop losing your keys, your place, and your temper

Todd Pitt — Why We Would All Be Eff'd Without The Number Zero

Peter Korchnak — What Is a Book?

Max Ogden — The Civic Web: An Introduction

Aaron Parecki — The vowel "R", and other linguistic curiosities

Carl Alviani — Not Created Equal: The history and discernment of plastics in product design


Laura Russell — How to Judge a Book By Its Cover

Clifton B — We Are All Architects

Todd Henion — Why our infantile infatuation with pirates is sick and twisted.


Bob Ferguson — Anything Helps, God Bless!

Zack Denfeld — How To Eat a GMO: Glowing Sushi, Vegetarian Bouillabaisse and Hyper Sweet & Sour Pickles

Kristin Luck — Manolos to Marmot: Lifestyle Tips for Successfully Transitioning Between Southern California and Oregon

Nova Newcomer — Love Letters to Oregon: A First Look at the Personal Papers of Oregon's First Elected Women

Amye Scavarda — Airplanes:Sailboats :: Mobile:Desktops

Jeffery J. Smith — Can TechnoProgress Shrink Portland's Workweek?


Kent Bye — Spiral Dynamics: A Developmental Model of Worldviews

Brett Oppegaard — We live in a "mobile" world now, but what does that really mean?

deanna cintas — From eating alligator to being vegan and why I love Oregon...

Selena Deckelmann — Love the clouds (and the lightning)

Faddah Steve Yuetsu Wolf — Gypsy Jazz - why it rocks your socks off & you wanna be groupies without even knowing it


Aaron Tersteeg — Online Community Management the Lady Gaga Way!

Cory Huff — How Art Stops Urban Decay

DL Byron — Road, Fixed, Folding, Cargo -- confessions of a Bike Hugger

Meredith Sorensen — Powered by Banana Peels

Linda Brice — Learning to Find Your Real Singing Voice in Less than Five Minutes

Joe Hurd — Visual Mathematics


Howard Silverman — From Cluetrain to Resilience


Willem Larsen — No More Teachers, No More Students

jeff hardison — Society's Attack on the Talented Recluse and What We Can Do About It


Jayson Falkner — Gigantic (aka Danger!) Jenga for backyard fun


Jack Eggers — The Skywalker Paradigm: an exercise in propaganda analysis


J-P Voillequé — 5,000 Games of Solitaire: The "Casual Gaming" Explosion, Internal Narratives, and Pleasure


Hugh Gallagher — Night of Dave Ewalds


Cheryl Bledsoe — Cars: Moving from Fear to Fearless Resilience


Matt Haughey — Cyclocross: Why everyone should be racing their bike in the mud this fall

Michael Buffington — Trout aerodynamics and other mysterious combinations


Tomas Perez — The Attack of the GIANT Pimps...or...how the law of supply and demand is killing our daughters and what you can do to stop it.

Robin Balmer — I can has Conspiracy? Unsolicited Marketing Infiltration of Lolcats and other Internet Memes


Ian Waite — The Da Smurfi Code -cracking the code hidden in the Smurfs that leads to the Holy Grail


Jack — Nietzsche: Godfather of Post-modernism


Leah Swindon — What is this "edot" thing, anyway?

Bruce Irvin — Cool Curling


Torgie Madison — Implications of an infinite multiverse


Aleksandra Czajka — HippoHappenings.com - community based event, venue and ad forum.


Tracy Ball — It's not outdated. It's original.


Bridget Pilloud — Feline Dissociative Disorder, (why your cat is an a**hole and how to get them to stop)


Benjamin Diggles — Conspiracy is more normal than normal


Christopher Chen — How to Make Letterpress Type in Your Basement


Shannon Brown ND LAc — Making Friends With Your Liver (and Minimizing Drinking-Related Suffering)


Patrick Dougherty — Solving the Myster of the Tarot : One Fun Way to Get a Free Drink


Da5id Clouse — Childless in PDX

Shane Sasnow — How does technology change the arts?


Kip — Uritation - A combination of urination and meditation


David Hazen — Stepping out of the violence culture