Ignite Portland 8 proposals

We are not accepting proposals at this time.

Ignite Portland 8 will take place on March 3, 2010, at the Bagdad Theater. Visit Ignite Portland for more information about the event.

If you had five minutes to talk to Portland what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Launch a web site? Teach a hack? Talk about recent learnings, successes, failures? We are looking for talks that will inspire and teach, not recruiting or product pitches.

Submitted Speaker and title


Rhyan Reid — When you can do anything, why do I so often do nothing?

Kim Pallister — The Big "Buy Lie" and What You Can Do About it

Matthew Douglass — Legends of Rock

Sarina Rodrigues — This is your brain on people

Kim Pallister — Whitney *almost* had it right: I believe that children hack our future

Suzan Gilliam — To Lease of Not to Lease...Show Me the Money! Empowering the Customer.

Sheetal Dube — The Bag Lady

Suzan Gilliam — The Art of Listening with Your Ears and Your Eyes

Jeffery J. Smith — Patents: End Them or Charge Full Value

Bret Bernhoft — Digital Demography

Marcus Miller — Ai Chi & Watsu - water fun, play & meditation

Beverly Fields — 5 Behaviors That Will Keep My Hot, Smart Friends From Dating You

Mark Chussil — The Formerly United States of America

Selena Deckelmann — How to un-rig an election

DeeAnn Sole — Travels with Our Cats: A Lazy Person's Guide to Taking the Trip of a Lifetime

Todd Henion — It's Time to Rid Portland of all Pirates

Todd Henion — How to Drive in Portland


Satyavayu — renounce and enjoy! - the liberation of radical lifestyle change

John Anthony Hartman — The Machines are Watching us and it’s a Good Thing

David Anderson — Technology and conversation: the foundations of sustainability

Gary Pool — Increase your blog readership. It's so easy even a gecko can do it.

Liz Argall — How to Hit Writer's Block in the Face with a Shovel

David Evans — The Mouse's Revenge: Why Behaviorist Psychology makes Twitter and Facebook "Addictive."

Mark Chussil — Nice Start

Mark Chussil — Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions

Nancy Wirsig McClure — You Won't Find Inches in Cyberspace

Kristin Webb-Tomson — Ugly is the New Beautiful


Erik Chevalier — A Fabber In Every Household

Kevin Duell — Dare to Dream a Brilliant Future

Phillip Kerman — Video Production on the Cheap

Charles Pergiel — A Better City

Mary Anne Thygesen — My Life with my Mother a Clown in other words Don't Worry Be Happy

Steven Walling — Why Wikipedians are the Weirdest People on the Internet

Ken Westin — To Catch A Thief with Technology

David D. Levine — Mission to "Mars"

Nick Krieger — The Tzolkin Count Of Days

Kate "The Great" Folsom — How to have fun, damn it.

Amber Case — An Introduction to Hyperbolic Geometry

Maxwell Radi — How to be Unemployed

Esteban Gutierrez — Hacking Cyborgs

jason wilson — NeuroGeography - How our brains keep track of the Places we go - Memory & Trajectory

Gene Ehrbar — Playing Well with Others: Tips for Being a Good Bandmate

Gene Ehrbar — Dr. Seuss and his Secret, Evil Mind-Control Plan: A Cautionary Tale

Mark Lakeman — Why We Rock

Liz Argall — The Communities We Build; and how they save lives

Liz Argall — Preparing for emergencies can be fun and empowering.


Curtis Frye — Relationship Tips for Nerds Over 35

KristinLuck — Experimenting with Guerrilla Marketing


Jean MacDonald — The Beginner's Guide to Psychiatric Hospitalization


Andy Beach — Drink Your Way to a Better You

Aaron Colter — How To Make Money In Comics


Jeremiah Patterson — Little Green Schoolhouse


Amy Boggs — How to become a Spokesperson in 3 easy steps


Marian Spadone — "Art and the Post Mortal Body"


Audrey Rose Goldfarb — The Gatekeeper Phenomenon

Bridget Pilloud — Chakralicious- The sexy side of chakras

Kevin Duell — How to be a Great Husband

Kevin Duell — Will the Real Quantum Please Make a Leap!


Scott Rogers and Bob Ladewig — How to Write Sketch Comedy

Kevin Duell — Navigating a Future Without Oil


Carl Alviani — Not Created Equal: The history and discernment of plastics in product design

Denise Rothman — Can you survive on $40 a day?

Sarah Nelson — Strine: A Language, a Lifestyle, a Philosophy from Down Under

DL Byron — Road, Fixed, Folding, Cargo -- confessions of a Bike Hugger


Chase Reeves — EVERYTHING you need to know to have a great time smoking a cigar


Liz Grover — Making The Paranormal Normal.


Paige Lehmann — 10 Tips For Stellar Copy


Deanna Cintas — From eating alligator to being vegan...

Deanna Cintas — Nouns in a Particular Order

Deanna Cintas — Getting things done: An Americorps reflection


Rob La Raus — The Most Beautiful Equation in the World


Lee Williamson — Deadwood, South Dakota's most notorious madam, Influenza Pandemics, and why I'm probably alive today

Corvus Elrod — How To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Bill Harp — From sheik to geek