Ignite Portland 5 proposals

We are not accepting more proposals, the deadline has passed.

Ignite Portland 5 is just around the corner on February 19, 2009. Visit Ignite Portland for more information about the event.

If you had five minutes to talk to Portland what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Launch a web site? Teach a hack? Talk about recent learnings, successes, failures? We are looking for talks that will inspire and teach, not recruiting or product pitches.

Submitted Speaker and title


Jed Harvey Arkley — Choppers 'n' Dopplers

sarah gilbert — Hacking life with kids, but without a car

Rose Bowcut — The Tech Savvy Guide to Surviving A Four Year Old: How to Entertain that Son of the Boss that was Just Dumped in your Lap for the Day

Howard Silverman — A Sixth Shade of Social

Fé Kaylius — Are you really really really really sure?

Simon Walter-Hansen — Pareto Principle: How to Hone your Effectiveness in Life

Simon Walter-Hansen — 1.21 Gigawatts!! - Putting Energy in Perspective

Simon Walter-Hansen — Online Communities: Musings of an e-Mayor

John Weiss — Experience Design: Changing Lives and Creating Evangelists

Erika Meyer — Enhance Your Website with CSS3

Jeanne Turner — Get out of Your Produce Rut

Steven Walling — Why You Should Play the World's Oldest Game.

Brian M. Westbrook — SLOG Showdown: Portland vs. Seattle

Nat Sims — Ten Theories on How Magic Might Be Real

Brian M. Westbrook — Travel Tech: A Gadget Geek's Carry-on

Aaron B. Hockley — Reading the Fine Print: You Gave Yourself Away

Kim Karalekas & Megan Nuttall — College 2.0

Jeff Lawson — The Tao of Steve's Powerpoint

Mark Frischmuth — Open Source Politics

Damin Tarlow — If we want to change our environmental impact, forget the cars we need to fix our buildings

Mike Brungardt — How to Fight the Unemployment Blues.

Jerry Wilson — What we REALLY need to do to fix the economy.


Jeanne Turner — User Experience Cheerleaders!

Bret Bernhoft — Portland Politics meets DIY


Becky Engel — The Square, Lessons from the Sandbox: Social Media and the Submit Button

Scott Carver — Instant Rimshot - Red Buttons, Viral Marketing and the Lowest Common Denominator

Don MacGillivray — It Takes a Village – Sustainable Neighborhoods Through Decentralization.

Sarah Sharp — Technical Conference Tshirts -- for women


Aaron B. Hockley — It's Not AntiSocial Media; It's Not All About You

David Zumini — Selling Yourself - Getting a Job in Today's Economy

David Abramowski — Get off your duff


Jen Procter — Learn Self-Hypnosis for more fun!


Isaac Potoczny-Jones — Open, Mobile, and Linux: A basic introduction to Android G1 development


Bret Bernhoft — The Next Generation of Leaders

Teresa Boze — Nature Lovers: Choosing Adventuresome and Romantic Locations Around Portland


David Vanadia — How to Quit Sugar

Jennifer Allen & Dana Hinger — How to play with your self: Life lessons from former farm girls


Russell Senior — Why Publicly Owned Fiber is the Answer to our Broadband Needs


J-P Voillequé — Not your grandma's game: Why you should be playing bridge.

Ross Swartzendruber — What's missing? Fill the void with your own nonprofit.


Dana Bostrom — Avoid being an Open Source Lackey


Lois M. Leveen — Congratulations! You Have an African American President!


Gary Pool — Keyword Research: The key to increasing readership on your blog

Brooks Lindsay — How to debate with yourself


deadletter b — Shopping for Buildings: 10+ ways to investigate creative spaces


Phil Earnhardt — Floating Bones 102: Rules for Loosely-Coupled Structures (Like You)


Sharon Stern — Ontologies 101


Kate "The Great" Folsom — the basics of writing good shit that people enjoy reading


Bram Pitoyo — The Secret History of Fonts You May Not Know Before


Sean Canton — Turning Superstars into Slackers ( and vice versa )


Eva Schweber — Civic Engagement 101


David Kominsky — Five Minute Mystic: What Does a Mystic Believe


David Evans — The Mouse's Revenge: Using Behaviorism to make your Website "Addictive."


Seth Raphael — The Future of Magic

Dr. Jayson Falkner — Science. It works, bitches. DNA Edition.

JIm Ayala — The Universe Story


John Brown — Multitouch - Naturally bringing U and I together.


Jerry Ketel — How to know if you are a Narcissist.

A. L. Venable — Fashion! Music! Intrigue!: Why You Should Be Riding the Bus

Chris Pitzer — Encryption, from hollywood to quantum

Paul Daigle — 10 Reasons Why Web2.0 will fail.

Dan Blaker — Empathy-Driven Design: A Touchy-Feely Approach to Software Development


Vanya Schroeder — Bad Job#3: The Home for the Criminally Insane

Jason Harris — How Emerging Markets Uses Mobile Technology, And The Vast Outreach Opportunity This Presents


Rick Hanson — This historic moment

Ed Markiewicz — Look Up Portland

Selena Deckelmann — How to kill three chickens in three years


Tara Horn — How to be a Refugee: Several not-so-easy steps from oppression to resettlement

Scott Huber — Happy Wife, Happy Life

Chris O'Rourke — How to survive a zombie apocolypse in 5 minutes

Jerry Ketel — How to be successful at internet dating (For both guys and gals but frankly, guys, you need it most)


Todd Kalhar — Parenting Kung-Fu: How To Keep Peace in Your Dojo

Da5id Clouse — To breed or not to breed- A PDX Story

Aaron Walker — Why you should swear more and apologize less

Bill DeRouchey — How to Play Ukulele in Five Minutes

Steven Walling — 5 Reasons Why Portland is the Wiki Capital of the World ...and what that says about us

Katin Imes — Trade Like You Mean It: Your Personal Economy and How It Works

Brian Edwards — Mid-Life Crisis: Let's Go Motorcycle Racing

John Metta — How to creatively destroy pesky, non-moneymaking community efforts

Andy Van Oostrum — How to shop for Fireworks.

Chris Sullivan — Ham Radio: It's not about talking to pork products (but we're working on that)

Harvey Mathews — it's time for the revolution: cascadia!

Michael Buchino — Beards and the power of Awesome

Reed Gillette — Level Up Your Life - Get to Level 50 in the real world.

John Brown — 10 Thrilling Topics for Ignite Portland 6

Pete Grillo — Everything about Omelettes