Ignite Portland 4 proposals

Ignite Portland 4 is coming on November 13, 2008. Visit Ignite Portland for more information about the event.

The submission deadline has passed and we are not accepting any new proposals for this event. The selection committee has begun choosing presentations and will announce their decision soon. We thank all those that submitted proposals and helped spread word of the event.

Submitted Speaker and title


Matthew Douglass — Legends of Rock

Samantha soma — What can I do to help?

Amber Case — A Short Introduction to Cyborg Anthropology

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky — Ten Reasons Why I Use Linux, and Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't

doc normal — How To Write A Fugue

Steve Morris — Starting a company these days - A crazy idea, or not?

David Kominsky — Spirituality in Community: It's not just for religion anymore

Nate DiNiro — "But honey, I never go anywhere anymore": How to make the transition from "free" geek, to comitted "Other" and/or Parent with as little pain as possible

Eric Anderson — Juice Up any Conversation or Presentation with 5 Impressive-Sounding Theories that Apply to EVERYTHING


mark dunst — What's everyone looking at?

Amy Matteson — How to be an eBay Ninja

Carolynn Duncan — How To Make People Think You’re A Portlander—Without Actually Living in the State of Oregon

Abraham Hyatt — Divided we win: 5 reasons why Fox News is saving our media and democracy

Stacy Westbrook — Is the world going to hell in a handbasket? Relax, have a homebrew!

Mary Anne Thygesen — Don’t worry be happy, an over the top look at the current economic situation.

Sarah Nelson — ADD in the Workplace: Harnessing Chaotic Creativity

Katherine Gray — Cooking with the Seasons: The Garanimals Method

Bram Pitoyo — Portland Tweeples Is Your New Bicycle

Cami Kaos — How to Bluff Your Way Through Life or a 5 Minute Presentation


Geordie Duckler — On Finding Brand New Things Inside Old Zoo Tiger Heads - And What It Probably Means

Sarah Allison — Viewing the World Thru Rainbow Colored Glasses

Nate Angell — You Are (Already) Cyborg

Josh Collins — Novelty Urinal Cakes Are Going to Make Us a Fortune! Or, How You Should Invest Your Venture Capital Dollars In This New Economy


Christopher Logan — What! you mean we had $700B all along


Geoff Kleinman — Sex is Not A Four Letter Word

Matt Garland — Non-Dumb Direct Voting

Alexis Rehrmann — Dating Rules for the Actual World


Jeff Hardison — Five Things Portland Can Learn From Kentucky in Five Minutes

Collin Ferguson — Co-founder


sarah gilbert — a case for cooking food

Nova Newcomer — 7 One-Night Stands with a Baseball fan

Gary Walter — How to Save a LIfe: or learning to laugh at yourself, part 1


J-P Voillequé — Sir Gawain and The Green Web

Scott Kveton — Banking 2.0: Power to the People's Bank

Alex Williams — 10 Karaoke Commandments

Melissa Lion — Story as Bloodsport: Battling to craft narrative


Betsy Richter — How to get people to do what you want them to do...


Adrienne Fritze — Interspecies Survival: What I Learned from Portland Artists, Technologists, Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders About Saving Our World

Brandon L. Keene — The (nearly) Naked Truth About Public Speaking.

Mike Sugarbaker — How to enjoy an episode of great story with your friends every week and still kill your television

jason gallic — Email Ain't Dead...and it doesn't have to Kill You


Jerry Ketel — How to be creative

Tyler Sticka — Why People Pirate


Paul Reiter — How to Survive Working Your Ass Off and Getting an MBA at the Same Time


Nathan Childs — Ray DeFir True PacNW Grit

Devon Barrett — The Fox and The Scorpion: Building Better Banks Through Artificial Selection


Scott Davis — Sleeping Soundly in a Jacked Up World

Aaron Tersteeg — What can Hugh Hefner teach us about Community Management?

Marie Deatherage — The remarkable story of an X-rated plant

Bridget Pilloud — How to Get your Dog to Stop Doing That

Rebecca Shapiro — Motherhood and Sustainable Art


Peat Bakke — A Little Box